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“I founded Tosier Chocolate in 2016 and launched the Tosier Chocolatemaker brand at The Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival, Suffolk in 2017. I had lived in Europe for a number of years, on and off, and enjoyed tasting many different styles of chocolate. I became more and more interested and eventually set out to learn how to make real chocolate from the bean.

I have always loved making things by hand and my decision to learn how to make chocolate was an extension of that. It was hard work as small batch chocolate making is a kind of alchemy, it’s a tricky substance and those early days involved a lot of trial and error and beginner’s luck. My first attempts tasted good and this encouraged me on to learn more.

To improve my understanding of the theory and context of chocolate I took Ecole Chocolat’s bean-to-bar course  and later a hands-on course at Cocoatown with Chloe Doutre-Roussel and Marie Fernanda Di Giacobbe in Atlanta, Georgia. This experience working directly with these two remarkable and inspirational women really ‘set the fire’ and I was determined to try and make world class chocolate. Whilst in the US I bought the additional equipment I needed and that was the point of no return!

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